When I listen to classical music in the car my hand is basically always on the volume knob due to dynamics. I swear I’m going to get to a fucking sforzando one day and crash. 

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The Well-meaning Idiot’s Guide to Pronouncing Composer Names


First up, let’s acknowledge the great Australian tradition of taking one look at the printed word, then venturing into the unknown, stabbing it out, right up to the final, wounded syllable. While this is certainly brave, there might be a more surgical approach (as in, getting it right). If you find yourself cornered, forced to utter a composer’s name in public here is part one of our handy guide.

Ludwig van Beethoven (Lood-vig fahn beh-toh-fen)
For a start: Ludwig with a V! W in German is always pronounced as our V. Ludwig (the German form of ‘Louis’) is already an unusual word for us to wrap our lips around, so it isn’t a great step to graduate from Lud-wig to to Lud-vig. Van is a Dutch word meaning ‘from’ and is pronounced is almost exactly like the English word ‘fun’. The Beethoven part probably means ‘field of beets’. Ludwig is the German form of ‘Louis’. So in English he might be known rather un-grandly as ‘Lou the Beet farmer’.

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